Online Security

The Internet offers a convenient way to bank, shop and communicate with the world, right from your home or office. Unfortunately, not all web sites and emails are legitimate. Con artists and scammers are also using the Internet as a convenient way to defraud consumers. By using "phishing" and website "spoofing," they have found new ways to gain access to personal financial information.

Your best defense against online fraud is knowledge. It's important to know and understand the different types of online fraud in order to avoid falling victim to them. You can also reduce your risk of falling victim to cyber crime by following safe computing practices. Use strong authentication and passwords and never share them with anyone. Protect your computer by using anti-virus software, a firewall and anti-spyware software. Keep your operating systems and browsers up-to-date by applying patches regularly.



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External Transfers

Securely transfer money between your Albank account and your accounts at other financial institutions.

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